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Covering: Bass Coast, Baw Baw, East Gippsland, Latrobe City, South Gippsland, Wellington.

Lead agency for preventing violence against women

Gippsland Women’s Health is an independent, regional service run by women for women based on the social model of health. We engage with women, communities, service providers and government to promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of women across Gippsland.

Regional partnership and strategy

Gippsland for Gender Equality: Changing the Story of Men’s Violence against Women is a partnership approach for the Prevention of Men’s Violence against Women (PMVAW) across Gippsland, currently funded by the Office Of Prevention and Women’s Equality. The Strategy has provided a coordinated approach through many initiatives across Gippsland.

View the 2017/18 Action Plan and the evaluation report for the previous (2015) strategy.

Make the Link campaign

Make the Link is a social media campaign which includes a website and resources that are designed to help people understand the link between gender inequality and men’s violence against women.

“Simple piece of communication that coalesced a really complex societal problem into something that was easily understandable for anyone to read”

The campaign is designed to create conversation, promote reflection and encourage people to learn more, act more and become more involved in supporting prevention of violence against women. The posters have been utilised by many local groups, including the East Gippsland Neighbourhood House which used the posters as part of a LifeSkills for Women program, and by a teacher in a Melbourne secondary college.

"A fantastic teaching tool"

The campaign has also been recognised well beyond the region, including its use in the Wicked Pickets Campaign, which drew attention to the use of sexist advertising on hire vans.

See how a Facebook ‘share’ transformed into a mission to educate and inform the local community on the importance of challenging the foundations of violence against women:

“Very clever posters”

“A lot of analogies can be made from the slogan”

Get involved

Check out the range of activities that Gippsland Women’s Health are supporting in the region to prevent violence against women.

Contact us

Get in touch with Gender Equity Victoria for more information.

If you are experiencing violence, find information and support here 1800RESPECT.ORG.AU