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Gender Fairness Cards

A set of colourful cards (for purchase), designed as a learning tool to: Generate conversation and reflection about gender roles and fairness; Explore gender fairness in a safe, curious and respectful way; Create shared learning for groups, teams, organisations, business and communities; Deepen understanding about how gender unfairness limits opportunities and creates power imbalances; Shift cultures of gender unfairness by clearly naming and respectfully challenging the issues; Develop an inspiring vision for gender equity that benefits everyone.

Each card features an important topic such as ‘Social Messages, ‘Sexualisation’ or ‘Role Models’; A key principle of fairness; A cartoon; Three important questions to get conversations rolling. There is a 22 page information booklet that offers recommendations for effective use of the cards, activities for using the cards, as well as an overview on women's unequal positioning in society, and the 24 cards. Cost attached to ordering cards. Booklet is downloadable for free.


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