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Change the Story: Framework foundations 2: Think pieces, stakeholder consultations, issues, implications and approach

This document details the additional research and consultations undertaken as part of the Change the Story development process. Particularly, it includes the eight, independently authored ‘think pieces’ that were commissioned to provide new perspectives on additional topics of interest (Appendix 3), which are:

  • Monica Campo, 2015, ‘Conceptualising children in a prevention of violence against women and children framework’
  • Dorinda Cox, 2015, ‘Understanding the past to create a better future: Finding the appropriate processes to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities on violence primary prevention strategies’
  • Carolyn Frohmader, Leanne Dowse and Aminath Didi, 2015, ‘Preventing violence against women and girls with disabilities: Integrating a human rights perspective’
  • Andrew Joyce, Emily Foenander, and Jo Barraket, 2015, ‘Campaigning for the prevention of violence against women: Learnings from social movement research’
  • Adele Murdolo and Regina Quiazon, 2015, ‘How do different forms of discrimination intersect with gender to contribute to violence against women and their children and what are the implications of this for developing inclusive prevention strategies?
  • Bob Pease, 2015, ‘Critical gender theory, gender inequality and men’s violence against women’
  • Susan Rees, 2015, ‘Intersectionality and the prevention of violence against women and their children: Informing a future framework to ensure inclusivity and relevance to all Australians’
  • Fae Robinson 2015, ‘Futures methodologies and implications for the prevention of violence against women’

It also comprises: a description of the extensive stakeholder consultation and engagement processes that were used to test the findings that emerged from the research, seek further input and perspectives on this topic, and obtain feedback on drafts of the framework (Section 0); an outline of some of the issues that emerged and were considered during the development of the framework, and the approach taken in the framework in response to these issues (Section 4).

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