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Practitioner resources

This section provides resources and information for practitioners who work in the prevention of violence against women, to support best practice approaches, collaboration and ongoing learning.

A practice-informed and accessible guide, Equality and Safety for Women sets out key principles and steps for planning, implementing and measuring primary prevention efforts in a regional context. It includes a Planning Template.

A practitioner resource library on the prevention of violence against women. Resources are grouped and viewable by issue, type, author, region and year, and a search bar is also available. Resources are prevention focused, with non-prevention resources included only where they hold particular pertinence to prevention practice.

Position details and contacts for all PVAW practitioners within Victorian women’s health services, to support collaboration between workers. This page requires Login access and is available only to practitioners working within a Victorian women’s health service on the prevention of violence against women. Contact to inquire or register for Login access. 


Further information
These practitioner resources may also be useful for those organisations and individuals who are contributing, working alongside or partnering with specialists in this work. Keep in mind that these resources are at practitioner level and may not always be accessible or useful for other audiences. 

Other areas of this website provide introductory information on violence against women and its prevention. You can find this information by visiting the following sections of this site: AboutQuiz your knowledgeTaking action

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Get in touch with your local women’s health service for more information.

If you are experiencing violence, find information and support here 1800RESPECT.ORG.AU